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White Button mushrooms are tiny thumbnail sized mushrooms with smooth rounded caps and short truncated stems. Depending on when they are harvested they are either stark white in color or earthen brown like a Crimini mushroom. Their flavor is mild when raw and more fragrant and meaty when cooked. Nutritional Value Mushrooms are 90% water and virtually calorie free. They are also rich in potassium, selenium, protein, and cancer preventing White button mushrooms are available year round.

High Quality Fresh Daily

250g X 8 per box

Price: SR48/Box

Storage & Handling

Optimum Temp (F):32 – 32 (0.0 – 0.0C)

Optimum Humidity:90 – 90 %

Storage Life (Days):7 – 14

Weight: 2 kg

Brand: Netherland

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