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Baby kale are the delicate leaves of the young immature kale plant. Their flavor is milder than that of traditional kale and has a slightly peppery flavor, similar to that of arugula. Though still hardier than most lettuce varieties the small palm tree like leaves of baby kale are much more delicate than mature kale. Both the petite stems and leaves of baby kale are edible and have a delicate yet slightly chewy mouth feel. Baby kale is known to be a nutritional powerhouse and is rich in calcium and iron as well as vitamins A, C and K1. In order to be absorbed in the body vitamin K1 requires fats so be sure to prepare baby kale with a healthy oil or avocado to take full advantage of the nutritional properties. Additionally, baby kale can help lower cholesterol levels in the body by biding bile acids. Cruciferous vegetables such as baby kale also contain oxalates which are known to interfere with absorption of potassium and calcium, however oxalates are not heat-stable, longer cooking times can decrease their presence.

Daily fresh from Italy

125 g punnet

x 8 per box

Weight: 1 kg

Brand: Italy

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