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Product Description/Taste Varying in size and shape, this fruit turns a bright red to crimson when fully ripe. Strawberries are commonly heart-shaped and the speckling of seeds on their exterior makes them unique among other berries. Strawberries are sold with their green tops still attached. Nutritional Value Strawberries provide a generous amount of vitamin C, potassium, and dietary fiber and are being recognized in the medical world as a ”super fruit” because of their high antioxidant level and ability to help prevent cancer and heart disease. One cup of strawberries contain about 45 calories and are cholesterol and saturated fat-free.
Storage & Handling
Optimum Temp (F) : 32 – 32 (0.0 – 0.0C)
Optimum Humidity : 90 – 95 %
Storage Life (Days) : 7 – 10

450 gm Clamshell x 8 in a box

List Price: SR 170

Brand: USA

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