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Sorrel is practically speaking, an ‘herb-vegetable’ or ‘pot-herb’ as it can be cooked like a vegetable, while it has a distinctive lemony flavor like an herb. It can be harvested at baby leaf stage and is a great lettuce substitute in salads and sandwiches as it doesn’t go limp. It is most delicious when cooked; the flavor is delightfully acidic. It is a fantastic partner to fish, veal, eggs, and potatoes in soup or gratin.

Sorrel is used fresh and raw in Asian cuisine It is known as rau chua (sour herb) or rau thom (fresh herb) in Vietnamese. In western recipes, it is more often cooked as a green in soup or in cream sauce with fish or chicken, or as a wrap to tenderized meat or fish.

High quality fresh daily

125 g punnet

x 8 per Box

Weight: 1 kg

Brand: Italy

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